Digital Network Transformation

Automate your network operations and improve your customer experience.

Stechs: Digital Network Transformation

Why Stechs

We believe that a digital world requires a digital infrastructure to spark our lives. Our purpose is to empower Service Providers to deliver fast, flexible and reliable services to make the digital world ignite.


We are the fastest-growing solutions provider for CSP and DSP in Latin America.

Outstanding CX

We focus on providing the best end-to-end experience. We got 95% in our latest NPS.

Best ROI

We provide PaaS solutions to allow Service Providers pay what they need as they go.


Our solutions can be customized to address specific problems and processes.


We have a fast-paced and flexible culture to deliver solutions quickly.


Our standardized and open ecosystem can be integrated with any vendor and technology.

Standards compliant

We follow industry standards and best practices to deliver scalable solutions.

Our Solutions

Activate and provision your network devices and services
broadband provisioning

Broadband Provisioning

Automate end-to-end fulfillment of broadband services. Enhance CX, reduce time-to-market and OpEX.

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Cloud Broadband Provisioning

Cloud Broadband Provisioning

Automate end-to-end fulfillment of broadband services over Gpon and Docsis. Fast, scalable and with no initial investment.

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Ensure your service performance, availability and CX
Home Wifi Experience

Home WiFi Experience

Automate subscribers’ wifi troubleshooting and incident resolution. Improve CX, reduce support calls and truck-roll.

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Intelligent Network Monitoring

Intelligent Network Management

Manage end-to-end service operations lifecycle. Improve problem detection, reduce resolution time and cost.

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Design, maintain and enhance your network operations


Develop the strategy, architecture and plan for your network operations.

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Managed Services

Managed Services

Outsource the support and maintenance of your network infrastructure.

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Custom Development

Custom Development

Customize, integrate and deploy software solutions.

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