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Digital Transformation Consulting

Nuestros expertos, aplicando estándares y prácticas de la industria (TMForum, Broadband Forum, Cablelabs) le brindará recomendaciones para evolucionar sus servicios y resolver los desafíos actuales de la industria.

InfraCo & VNO transformation

Enables the sharing of Fixed Access network infrastructure following Broadband Forum (BBF FANS) guidelines. Whether you are a new infrastructure provider or a Communication Service Provider looking to transform, the RSM suite allows you to share your fixed access network.

Standardizes the sharing of network resources from the infrastructure provider (InfraCo) to different Virtual Network Operators (VNOs)

Network Evolution

Identifies areas for improvement and opportunities to evolve your fixed access network to address future challenges. We conduct a thorough assessment of your current access infrastructure, analyze your network architecture, available resources, and operational processes.

Network Autonomy & Automation

We assist operators in the transitioning of autonomous networks following industry standards. A gradual process that automates repetitive processes with the potential to evolve into fully autonomous networks incorporating the latest technologies.

Cloud migration

We Analyze your business needs and design a migration strategy for access networks, addressing aspects such as selecting the most suitable cloud (public, private, or hybrid), migration sequence, and security requirements to achieve greater flexibility, scalability, and operational efficiency.


Our specialized APIfication consulting is designed to help telecommunications companies improve the interoperability of their systems and maximize the potential of their access technologies.

We conduct an exhaustive analysis to identify integration points and functionalities that should be addressed through APIs.


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