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Solutions for service provisioning automation.
A multi-vendor multi-technology and multi-domain suite.

Resource Sharing Manager

Enables the sharing of Fixed Access network infrastructure following Broadband Forum (BBF FANS) guidelines. Whether a new infrastructure provider or a Communication Service Provider seeking transformation, the RSM suite allows the sharing of the fixed access networks.

Standardizes the sharing of network resources from the infrastructure provider (InfraCo) to different VNOs (Virtual Network Operators).

Broadband Provisioning

The most modern provisioning suite in the market enabling automatic activation of broadband, telephony and video services in fixed access networks. Accelerates the launch of new services while reducing operational costs. A multi-vendor, carrier-class, fully redundant solution. Its cloud-native, microservices-oriented architecture allows for an elastic growth. Supports multiple tenants, installation and debt portals, along with the generation of birth certificates.

Broadband Provisioning DOCSIS

Module for DOCSIS technology. Includes the following network services and protocols: DHCPv4, DHCPv6, SNMP, TFTP, ToD, HTTP. Broadband and telephony services activation support (NCS and SIP).

Broadband Provisioning xPON

Module for xPON technology. A multi-vendor solution that enables interoperability. Includes support for network services and protocols: DHCPv4, DHCPv6, SNMP, and TL-1.
Support for activation of broadband services, telephony (SIP), OTT video and RF-overlay.

Resource Inventory Manager

Provides traceability on the use of passive optical network resources. Eliminates installation problems due to lack of availability, supports capacity planning and helps resolving external plant incidents. Manages optical distribution network (ODN) capacity representing the characteristics of each component and each port usage. Allows feasibility validation and resource reservation. Integrates with GIS solutions and CRM via OpenAPI NBI.

Device Management

Automatic multi-service provisioning. The Device Management module enables remote management of multi-vendor, multi-technology devices. Automate massive firmware management campaigns and periodic monitoring of performance indicators. Carrier-grade, scalable solution for efficient CPE management with an elastic cloud-native architecture. Supports: CWMP, TR-069, TR-369, MQTT, and other management protocols.


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