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Express Telecommunications successfully completes its migration to the Stechs Broadband Provisioning DOCSIS suite.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

2 de agosto de 2023

Stechs, a leading provider of solutions for Communications Service Providers, is proud to announce that Express Telecommunications has successfully completed the migration of its entire DOCSIS customer base to the Broadband Provisioning suite.

Express was seeking to consolidate its service activation platform under a single DOCSIS-GPON solution, enabling improved operational efficiency, reduced time and costs, greater flexibility for launching new products, and a cloud-native microservices-oriented architecture.

Gabriel Forenza, CTO of Cable Express, comments:
Provisioning systems are a key component for a telecommunications company, and deciding to replace them is always a challenging decision due to the significant operational impact it entails. Among the available options to replace the previous system, which lacked some essential features today, Stechs’ solution was the one that inspired the most confidence. Having successfully completed the migration process, I can conclude that the decision we made together with the team I lead, after a detailed evaluation of the available options, was the right one.


About Stechs
A leading company in Latin America specializing in the development and implementation of OSS solutions and services for Telcos. Stechs’ portfolio includes automatic Provisioning, Assurance, and Data Analytics solutions for DOCSIS, GPON, and Wi-Fi networks. Their solutions are cloud-native and carrier-class, assisting Communication Service Providers in the region daily, helping them tackle various challenges with modern, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

About Express Telecommunications
Express is a continually expanding telecommunications operator that provides a range of high-quality data, television, and telephone services to both residential and business users in various cities in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Salta, and Santiago del Estero.

For more information, visit http: www.stechs.io or LinkedIn