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IPLAN shares its FTTH network thanks to Stechs’ RSM module.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

2 de agosto de 2023

IPLAN, a 100% FTTH Argentinean CSP, has succesfully finalized its implementation of Stechs Resource Sharing Manager (RSM) module of Stechs Broadband Provisioning suite, that enables the sharing of FTTH resources among other operators.

IPLAN can integrate with other companies as Infraestructure Network Provider (InP) connecting with multiple Virtual Network Operators (VNO).

This trend of cooperation, well-established in Europe, is expanding in Latin America, with IPLAN being one of the pioneers in implemeting this approach.

IPLAN has already deployed Stechs Brodband Provisioning FTTH suite, to which it added in record time the Resource Sharing Manager (RSM) module. That module, developed in accordance to Broadband Forum guidelines, has evolved their OSS ecosystem to seamslessly transform IPLAN into an Infrastructure Newtork Provider.



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